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Heidi L Jarvis

These videos bring all of these topics in a unique way. The youth is brought in through the age group of people it is mostly targeting, capitalism is when the issue deals with property rights and the commodification of skating, gender comes in with the stereoype that this sport is for men, and race and ethnicity is tied in how the culture is made with the other people like the people of a race usually do

I think the most important topics that are brought together are capitalism and youth

Damon Hickok

The videos brought all the topics together because it was about groups of youth of all different races and ethnicities and bodies types boys and girls, and sometimes coming together to stand up against the capitalist society.
The most important connections are youth and capitalism.

Eric Cortes

The stores included all the topics all in one because it showed how something like skateboarding became influenced by capitalism and how it's a male dominant sport that by society is seen as if you skate you are a troublemaker and that the sport doesn't really exclude any races or ethnicities. The thing I found is how capitalism shaped the culture of skateboarding and how it started as something done for fun as it turned into something profitable.

Mat Carpenter

These stories brought all of the topics together by:
- showing how these skaters are treated differently because of Youth
- showing how Capitalism will encourage people to (B)Order the skaters
- showing how it can be intimidating for female skaters because of how they are treated differently due to their Bodies
- and how skating can transcend Ethnicity/Race.
I think the most interesting/important of the bunch are the connections to Youth and Body as they seemed to be central themes of the material.

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